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Senior Queens Tournament 
Senior Queens Tournament
Ohio USBC Women’s Bowling Association
“Providing the best service possible to the women bowlers in Ohio.”
Ohio USBC WBA’s Senior Queens Tournament is open to all female Ohio USBC WBA members who have attained at least 50 years of age, and who average 150 and above,  in a certified league.
2016 Tournament was held December 3, 2016 at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl in Columbus, OH
2016 Tournament: Champion:  Teri Plaso of Portage County 2nd Place:  Karen Morris of Southeastern OH 3rd Place:  Laurie Lawson of Central OH 4th Place:  Cindy Short of Gr. Hamilton 5th Place:  Jackie Shahan of Canton 6th Place:  Kathy Coombs of Gr. Toledo 7th Place:  Cindy Suber of Gr. Dayton 8th Place:  Lora Summers of Central OH
2016 Top 5 left to right: Cindy Short. Teri Plaso, Jackie Shahan, Laurie Lawson, Karen Morris